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Quality and Environmental Policy

Dianor manufactures and services high-quality diamond and cemented carbide tools as well as complex machine components. We are experts in processing and fastening technology of super hard materials such as PCD (Polycrystalline diamond) and cemented carbide.

The employees at Dianor have both extensive application experience and cutting-edge expertise.

Dianor will continue to manufacture products of the highest quality at the right price and which are delivered according to customers’ wishes. The company works continuously to minimize and prevent the negative effects that manufacturing causes on both the internal and external environment.

The business shall be conducted with the application of relevant legislation and other requirements from the company’s various stakeholders.

We will train and further educate our employees to ensure our quality and environmental work and constantly develop the technology and methods used for our production.

The company’s Personnel must be well informed about the chosen business system, adapted to ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015, and are also responsible for ensuring that the routines around the system are handled in the prescribed manner.

This policy has been developed by the management of Dianor AB.
Nora 2022-05-26