Support and reference Products in PCD

Dianor are experts at material PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond), a superior material regarding resistance and low friction.

Poly-Crystalline-Diamond (PCD) is, next to Solid Diamond, the hardest material known to man. An extremely low friction makes PCD the ideal material for support– and reference-parts submitted to wear. PCD-wear parts, when possible to use, offers outstanding performance: Extreme tool-life gives good tool economy.

We also provide you with Support and reference details in Solid Carbide. Read more about Support and reference details in Solid Carbide.

Examples of applications of diamond-equipped support details:

  • Wear parts
  • Rest blades and tool setups for centerless grinding
  • Support for grinding and turning operations
  • Centering and positioning details for grinding operations
  • Measuring jigs
  • Measuring arms/points

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Savings/benefits when using a diamond-equipped support details

The full benefits of having reference surface which practically do not wear is often difficult to see and evaluate. Simply put: it has once begun to use diamond tools so you don’t want to switch to the old one. This describes a not uncommon process of our customers:

  1. Tool cost a tool not worn last longer and, despite that the initial cost can be higher than the corresponding detail in e.g. tungsten carbide, refurbished again to reduce costs.
  2. Set-up and adjustment costs Reduced set-up and adjustment costs by the tool lasting longer, not needing replacement as often. This will reduce setup times. Because the wear usually is non-existent, it is fewer parameters in the operation to keep track to set up process. Just the time savings during set-up can often provide significantly greater savings than those made from tooling cost.
  3. Quality costs An absolute reference provides constant conditions in the operation. The spread of measurements becomes less in addition to roundness etc. often gets better. This means that the control and error costs can be reduced.
  4. Quality improvements A smaller spread of measurements eg. better roundness gives a higher quality of the final product, which provides a competitive advantage. The ability to use closer tolerances can sometimes be used in the construction or to simplify subsequent operations or assembling.

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